This story was first published in Issue 030 of Enterprise SPARKS, our quarterly newsletter, here (pages 14–16).

The fashion industry has a sustainability problem. Driven largely by fast fashion cycles that rely on high volumes, ever-changing styles, and cheap fabrics and labour, clothing production has approximately doubled since 2000.[1] But affordability and accessibility for consumers have come at the cost of quality and longevity: while we are buying more than ever, the average number of times an article of clothing is worn before being discarded is at its lowest.[2]

All of this overproduction, consumption and disposal exacts an environmental, economic…

Contributed by Rebecca Tan Li Qi and Jermaine Ng

“Today, AI in cybersecurity is a very hot topic in the space of both AI and cybersecurity … Yet, this topic is surrounded by much mystery and uncertainty.” — Emil Tan

This uncertainty boils down to 1 question: Will AI improve or worsen cybersecurity?

This is an important question to ask because AI is everywhere. From cybersecurity vendors to policy planners, many are creating or learning about AI. This trend, coupled with the rise of digitalisation (especially during this pandemic), makes it inevitable that cybersecurity attacks rise exponentially.

To understand more…

Contributed by Rebecca Tan Li Qi

THE HANGAR Booster Programme Finale: Showcase Day

Invaluable questions, suggestions and directions from pitch mentors coupled with enthusiastic and confident responses from 11 start-ups filled the air on Zoom. A message of appreciation from our Programme Head and thank you texts from the 11 start-ups flooded our Whatsapp group chat.

This was the scene on 6 July, the Showcase Day of the 4-week long THE HANGAR Booster Programme June run.

On this day, the 11 start-ups pitched live to our specially curated panel of 4 experienced venture capitalists and angel investors — Chris Sirisereepaph from Saison Capital, Dr Ivan Choong from…

THE HANGAR Booster Programme Highlights: Growth Marketing

Contributed by Rebecca Tan Li Qi

The term growth hacking or marketing (used interchangeably) has been catching fire and the obvious reason is that everyone wants to earn revenue quickly.

“[However], there is no such thing as growth hacks”, says Thibaut Briere, founder of Growth Marketing Studio. This week at THE HANGAR Booster Programme, he provided a glimpse into what growth hacking/marketing really is and shared 3 useful tips.

Growth marketing is an unconventional type of growth that uses structured experiments to attract, engage and retain customers based on the insights gained from…

THE HANGAR Booster Programme highlights: Customer Discovery

Contributed by Rebecca Tan Li Qi

As an entrepreneur, you may have many questions in your mind.

  • Is the problem I intend to solve a critical one?
  • Is my solution what customers want?
  • Will people want to pay for my product or service?

To have our start-ups in THE HANGAR Booster Programme (June run) started on their journey of discovery, we invited Kris Childress and Eugene Noh, our Mentor-in-Residence and Deputy Director at NUS Enterprise, to share with us how to rediscover problems and understand customers with fresh eyes.

First, what is customer…

THE HANGAR Booster Programme highlights: Company Constitution

Contributed by Rebecca Tan Li Qi

Recall the story of Steve Jobs being chased out of Apple?

That’s the power of a company constitution.

A company constitution is a document that specifies rules on how a company is organised and how it will be regulated, making it crucial for any company to have one. This week at THE HANGAR Booster Programme, we have Mr Ng Kim Tean, Chairman of Nanyang Law LLC, to share with us the basics of the company constitution.

Kim Tean sharing the importance of the company constitution.

Corals in 3D printing? AM.NUS — This could be a future reality

MedCoral — Natural Ceramic

Corals and human implants — what do they have in common? While seemingly unrelated to the layman, the NUS Centre of Additive Manufacturing (AM.NUS) sees a novel way to 3D-print medical and advanced human implants using cultured corals as a base material. AM.NUS has signed an International Technology Development Agreement with Taiwan-based Popeye Marine Biotechnology Ltd. (Popeye) in December 2020 to collaborate in this area.

Why corals?

Coral is an important high-quality ceramic biomaterial used in medical applications. It possesses high biocompatibility and a natural interconnected pore structure…

THE HANGAR Booster Programme highlights: What is Fundraising?

Contributed by Rebecca Tan Li Qi

Funding (or rather sufficient funding) is usually the top priority for start-ups. Even if there is an intention to bootstrap at an earlier stage of growth, raising funds is often required for scaling in the long run. The question is, how should founders pitch to get funding successfully?

This week, I popped into one of the workshops of THE HANGAR Booster Programme and learned interesting tips from Dr Ivan Choong, Associate Director at NUS Enterprise, who is also part of the Portfolio team.

The fundamental question…

THE HANGAR Booster Programme highlights: Unit Economics

Contributed by Rebecca Tan Li Qi

Wondering whether to step on the accelerator or jam the brakes?

Unit economics, which describes a start-up’s revenue and costs in relation to an individual unit of production, can help a start-up to decide the next step for its growth.

With many key metrics to track and so many different hats to wear, start-up founders can find it overwhelming to quantify their progress. …

THE HANGAR Booster Programme highlights: Marketing 101

Contributed by Rebecca Tan Li Qi

“Marketing in start-ups is too important to do it wrong”, says Thibaut Briere, Founder of Growth Marketing Studio.

Yet, many start-up founders may not understand what marketing really is.

In the first week of THE HANGAR Booster Programme, we invited Thibaut to debunk the common myths of marketing.

Myth #1: “If my products or services are good, they will sell themselves.”

Actually, that’s not the case.

Look at the mere number of start-ups that deliver quality products and services but are still struggling to survive and expand.

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