This story was first published in Issue 029 of Enterprise SPARKS, our quarterly newsletter, here (pages 4–5).

Aiden (left) with his MediVR co-founders Anthea Foong (centre) and Jeremy Ong (right)

We concluded the first run of the Startup SG Founder -
Venture Building Programme in NUS
last December, and spoke to three participants from the cohort who shared their experience with us.

Aiden Koh, MediVR

Tell us about your project:

This story was first published in Issue 029 of Enterprise SPARKS, our quarterly newsletter, here (pages 7–8).

Start-ups in The Hangar by NUS Enterprise, a thriving hub for NUS entrepreneurs on campus. [All photos in this story are taken before COVID-19]

March 2021 marks five years since the opening of THE HANGAR by NUS Enterprise, the university’s on-campus incubator for student, staff and alumni start-ups. Since 2016, the facility has helped more than 220 ventures take flight, quickly becoming the go-to place for aspiring entrepreneurs to accelerate their ideas.

On 25 March 2021, after a long hiatus due to the pandemic, the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) programme hosted its first Alumni Homecoming event since 2019. The gathering was held at the newly minted i-Cube Level 2 auditorium, which boasts hybrid event and live broadcasting capabilities.

This story was first published in Issue 029 of Enterprise SPARKS, our quarterly newsletter, here (pages 10–12).

Contributed by Jermaine Ng

A conversation with the experts from Kopi Chat Deep Dive Series: IOT in Smart Cities

Contributed by Chen Yi Ting and Jermaine Ng

  • Deepak…

From left to right: Beryl Jin (Intern), Guan Hong Loh (Financial and Commerical Director), Bao Shengjie (CEO and Co-Founder), Derrick Gan (Operational Assistant), Xu Tao (CTO and Co-Founder), Chin Wei Chew (Intern)

Singrow, an agri-tech start-up, specialises in developing indoor vertical farming technologies as well as novel crops and cultivation methods to produce temperate and exotic crops within the tropical climate of South-East Asia. Their cultivation techniques are all 100% organic, pesticide-free and rely on non-GMO crops. Presently, their core products include their patented Crystal strawberries, locally grown Japanese Komatsu spinach, Dutch cherry tomatoes, and Persian saffron.

Some of the NOC staff who helped make the e-Open House a success

Held from 27 February to 6 March, the NUS e-Open House drew an impressive 6.8 million visitors to the event’s associated websites, livestreams, webinars and social media sessions.

Bite-sized wisdom from Kopi Chat Deep Dive: Digital Health

From shelves of consumer wearables to scores of innovative applications promoting healthy habits, digital healthcare is now increasingly accessible to the average consumer across communities around the world. The rise of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence has also significantly boosted the capabilities of on-demand healthcare. With the right data and right technology, digital health can lead the much-needed transformation in this new age of healthcare. However, are humans really ready for this change?

Janice Chia (Top Left), Andrew Wu (Bottom Left), Moderator: Lui Yong Kit (Top Right) & Dr. Peter Kwan (Bottom Right)

To answer this question, we assembled a panel of health experts to join us in discussing the social, ethical, and legal challenges that plague healthtech solutions in…

Alvin Ryanputra, a final year student from the July 2020 NOC Silicon Valley programme, participated in the K-Startup Grand Challenge (KSGC), a Korea-based accelerator programme, on behalf of Movel AI — the start-up he was working for. This happened in the middle of the pandemic, and he shares more about his unique experience on this journey.

NUS Enterprise

NUS Enterprise nurtures entrepreneurial talents with global mindsets, while advancing innovation and entrepreneurship at Asia’s leading university.

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