Incubators and Accelerators in Singapore for Startups

  • Access to the relevant mentors
  • Access to VCs that has invested in the same industry
  • Reasonable terms for your participation

List of start-up incubators in Singapore:

One-North Startup Launchpad

  1. BLOCK71 Singapore
  • Investing in a manageable number of companies
  • Investing at favorable valuations while aligning our interest with the startups
  • Investing in early stage companies as well as playing an active role in helping the company to grow by providing pre-revenue and pre-financing incubation
  1. The HANGAR by NUS Enterprise

List of start-up accelerators in Singapore:

  1. Antler Singapore
  • Focus: Passionate entrepreneurs with inner drive, spike and grit
  • Programme Duration: 6 months
  • Investment/ Equity Stake: S$5k per month per founder for 2 months
  • Focus: Deep tech companies
  • Programme Duration: 6 months
  • Investment/ Equity Stake: S$5k per month per founder for 3 months (S$15k total per founder), S$75,000 if your company is offered a place on Entrepreneur First Launch
  • Focus: Agtech and Food tech companies
  • Programme Duration: 6 Months (12 weeks intensive programme+ 3 months Mentorship)
  • Investment/ Equity Stake: Up to USD$120, 000
  • Next application call: Feb 2020
  • Focus: Changemakers or Startups innovating for Sustainable Development Goals (SGD)
  • Programme Duration: 12 months
  • Focus: Cybersecurity Startups
  • Programme Duration: 10 Weeks
  • Focus: Impact-driven Technology companies and startups
  • Programme Duration: 3- 4 months
  • Focus: Maritime Start-ups
  • Programme Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Focus: MaritimeTech Start-ups
  • Programme Duration: 3 months

Summary of List of Incubators in SG

  1. BLOCK71 Singapore
  2. Timbre +
  3. Expara Co-working Space
  4. NTUitive Collaborative Space
  5. Get2Volume Incubator
  6. Pollinate Incubator
  7. LongHash Hatch — Global Blockchain Incubator
  8. Hangar by NUS Enterprise
  9. SMU IIE Startup Incubator
  10. NUS Enterprise @ The Science Park
  11. PayPal Innovation Lab
  12. JCS Venture Lab
  13. Innovate360 — Food Incubator
  14. Online Incubator — MEET Ventures
  15. Innovation House Finland

Summary of List of Accelerators in SG

  1. Accelerating Asia
  2. Antler Singapore
  3. A*StartCentral (ASC) by A*ccelerate
  4. Entrepreneur First (EF)
  5. Eastern Pacific by Techstars
  6. Found8 Elevate SG Found programme
  7. FinLab — fintech accelerator by UOB TRIBE Accelerator
  8. GROW Accelerator
  9. HyperX hackathon-to-accelerator programme
  10. ICE71 Cybersecurity Accelerator
  11. *Scape Accelerator for youths
  12. Tribe Accelerator
  13. PIER71 Maritime Accelerator
  14. German Accelerator



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