BLOCK71 BLOCK Party — The Durian Edition

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Everyone’s having a fun time at the party!

Last month, BLOCK71 hosted a block party for the tenants of the JTC launchpad at one-north. And in light of the upcoming Singapore’s National Day celebration — we decided to theme the party with local fruits (which locals eat) such as rambutan, longan, jackfruit, bananas and not forgetting, every Singaporean’s favourite — The King of Fruit, Durian!

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Jackfruit or Durian? This attendee was spoilt for choice!

The sole purpose of the block party was to bring our one-north launchpad community closer together. Working in the same area, meant that we were in close proximity with each other and yet, it’s often a common oversight that we take. BLOCK71 believes that a community is strongest, when we can leverage on each other’s strengths. At the launchpad area, where most of the tech start-ups reside, houses production companies, app development companies, companies that focuses on cyber security, companies that specialises in sustainability and many more.

Over 200 of our neighbours in the JTC launchpad joined our mini gathering in the parking lots at BLk71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, even on a humid afternoon to share our love for Durian. We have had the pleasure of having representatives from our neighbouring companies such as Fooyo, nuTonomy, the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), PigeonLab and many more.

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Jolly Folks!

Attendees had a fun time mingling with one another over a spread of fresh fruit. The block party provided them with an opportunity to network with neighbours from the block and beyond outside the office space and in a more open and relaxed environment. Some founders even got a chance to pitch their startup to an open crowd!

We even held a best photo competition and the winner walked away with a $100 Cash Voucher, sponsored by Maybank. Here’s one of the entry (:

All in all, BLOCK71 Singapore had a splendid time getting to know our neighbours and would like to thank everyone who came down for making the block party a great success! For those that could not make it, worry not. BLOCK71 hosts a variety of events on our website including the block party.

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