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It’s official, the first version of BLOCK71 REVIEWS is here. This week, the BLOCK71 SINGAPORE team came across DynaOpticsflagship products: the OOWA lenses. DynaOptics is revolutionizing mobile photography by optimizing free-form technology. After hearing “Mobile photography will never be the same again!” in the same sentence as OOWA, we just had to try the products. So, our BLOCK71 super-interns decided to take on a photo challenge — OOWA Telephoto Lens and OOWA Wide-Angle Lens versus iphone 6 without any lens.

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4 min readJun 22, 2017


[Disclaimer: Review users were not experienced in any form of photography, and the review is from the viewpoint of amateurs. Photographers curious to see what OOWA is truly capable of are strongly advised to visit DynaOptics’ blog for more breathtaking pictures. Trust us, they’re beautiful!]

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, the OOWA lenses finally reached the market. As this came to our two interns’ knowledge, they wandered out of the BLOCK71 office and took the elevator up to the 7th floor in the Blk71 building at Ayer Rajah Crescent (Singapore) where DynaOptics are based.

“We also want to take pictures and say OO-WA, because of their awesomeness”. Apparently these were the magic words because the two interns walked out of DynaOptics office with The Pro Kit. (Hurray!) And this was how the photo-challenge came about. Enjoy!

The Pro Kit consisted of the OOWA 2.5x Telephoto Lens 75mm and the OOWA 15mm Wide-Angle Lens. These lenses are currently compatible with iPhone 6/6+ and 7/7+, but (don’t worry, Android users) we heard that there are plans to launch an adapter for Android mobiles as well.

The lenses came in a small pouch and each lens with its own silicone lens cap and lens hood to reduce flare in glaring shots. To use it, the phone had to be snugged into a simple dark OOWA hard plastic phone case (that came with the lens).

Its ease of use comes especially if you use the phone case as your permanent case, we figured. Attaching the lenses was really easy and could be done in no-time you got to feel as a professional photographer for a few seconds.. While changing between the two lenses.


So, when it came down to really trying out the products, we needed a cool environment to test the products in. After pondering for some time, we realised that we are ACTUALLY in a rather cool space already. So we just stepped out of our office to capture the coolness of BLOCK71 SINGAPORE.

The OOWA Wide-Angle Lens brings the out of range into the picture. With this awesome lens we could show off more of our cool “Entrepreneurial Announcement Board ”.
Using the OOWA Wide-Angle Lens was also an awesome way to capture BLOCK71’s surroundings. Quite a view isn’t it?
By now, we are starting to realise that pretty amazing pictures can be taken by using the OOWA Wide-Angle Lens. At this point we also realised that the vicinity of BLOCK71 is pretty amazing with all the different colored buildings. Isn’t it pretty amazing that this area is home to over 750 start-ups and more then 40 technology incubators and accelerators?!
We even managed to capture the BLOCK71 start-ups lounge more properly with the OOWA Wide-Angle Lens.
Without zooming, the OOWA Telephoto Lens showed off our Blk71 building quite nice.

Using the two lenses sure resulted in pictures that would be impossible to take without the lenses. The only drawback was the need to carry the lenses around. (And the phone case if you don’t intend to use it as your everyday case) But this is a sacrifice we are willing to make for the photos that come with it: Surely it beats carrying a physical camera around. Think of all the Instagram-able photos!

The OOWA Wide-Angle lens is able to capture a wider range; this is especially useful for group photos in a confined space or a scenery which simply needs a wider view. What makes this lens better than the $15 ones you can get on Taobao is the minimal distortion OOWA lens is able to accomplish (or simply no loss of image quality). While the OOWA Telephoto Lens allowed us to perform an optical zoom instead of a digital zoom, where the latter distorts and reduces photo quality.

Now YOU can challenge other iPhone photographers out there! DynaOptics has offered our newsletter subscribers 30% off the retail price on OOWA Telephoto Lens and OOWA Wide-Angle Lens for a limited period of time.

To get your hands on these super lenses and to enjoy this amazing offer do check out our latest newsletter here. And find the lenses here:

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