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BLOCK71 Singapore speaks to Eve Law, one of co-founders of OneThreeOneFour, a photography service provider aimed at couples who want a photoshoot overseas, on her entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s a brief bio of Eve: Eve is a economics graduate from SMU and was a former banker in UBS. She is CEO and co- founder of OneThreeOneFour.

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1. What is OneThreeOneFour and how did the idea behind it come about?

We are a photography service provider aimed at couples who want a photoshoot overseas. We provide a host of services including, pre/post wedding photoshoots, marriage proposals, honeymoon, anniversary and destination wedding photography.

It started when Scott and I were planning for our pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali. The bridal shop packages in Singapore were not ideal as they only offered specific dates and the shooting session had to be divided between several couples.

So, we decided to book a session with a local photographer in Bali but the searching process was unexpectedly long and inefficient. They had to email many photographers for quotes and all the shooting preparations (makeup, gowns etc) had to be arranged separately.

This tiresome process took out all the fun and excitement from our photoshoot but some good did come out of it! It marked the start of OneThreeOneFour as we decided to make destination photoshoots hassle-free and enjoyable for all couples, by being a one-stop platform where everything is laid out for them.

2. Describe your typical day.

I gather the team to discuss our progress and keep each other on track. I am always asking for our clients’ feedbacks to have a better understanding of our strengths and shortcomings so that we can improve and provide them with the best experience. My Fridays are dedicated to strategising on new possibilities and directions for our business.

3. What was the most fulfilling moment in your entrepreneurial journey?

Since starting OneThreeOneFour, we are always being surprised by the clients that we serve. While we are a global platform, meeting clients from places like Sudan and Panama still amazes us! Sometimes, we even have to search the map to find out where those places are! It is really heartwarming to know that we have progressed so much and our reach extends far beyond Singapore.

4. What are some of the greatest challenges in the course of your entrepreneurial journey and what did you learn from them?

Having to earn the trust of customers from overseas. We now serve couples from all parts of the world. From countries outside of Asia, United States, Australia, Sweden, The Netherlands to countries that are closer to home like Indonesia and Thailand.

It isn’t easy to convince couples who are reside outside of Singapore to entrust one of the most important parts of their wedding to you.

We managed to earn our reputation as a trusted company through serving all our clients with excellence. Through their reviews, other potential clients also started gaining confidence in us.

5. How do you measure the success of your start-up?

Quality and quantity. Quality is measured in the satisfaction level of our clients that can be determined through their feedback. Quantity is measured through our reach, which is the number of couples that we have served thus far.

We want to run a successful business that value adds to the world. Beyond delivery great photos and videos, we think wedding photoshoots should be enjoyable and easy. That has guided us in terms of how we benchmark ourselves when we gather feedback from our customers.

And for us to continue on this mission to make photoshoots enjoyable and easy, we strive to serve as many couples as possible from around the world.

6. What is a movie/book/song etc. that inspires you in your entrepreneurial journey and why?

Survivor — Eye of the Tiger. Entrepreneurship is a long and tough journey. Every day we face challenges, but you don’t throw your hands up and say it can’t be done. You fight on and find a way to make it work. Throughout this journey, mistakes will be made. I don’t let them hold me back, I get back on my feet and learn to fight smarter.

7. What was your most memorable moment in BLOCK71 Singapore?

We find joy in the little moments such as occasional meet-ups and sharing sessions with fellow members of BLOCK71 Singapore. We learn from fellow entrepreneurs and discuss our challenges and successes. It is comforting to know that we are all undergoing similar challenges and heading towards our respective goals. Here’s a shout-out to the NUS Enterprise team for a job well done in fostering such a good community.

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