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BLOCK71 Singapore has just adopted a new Chatbot — BOT 71, which is a basic enquiry bot capable of answering your general questions, instantly.

The problem: “We will get back to you within 3 working days” , “ Let me refer you to my colleague from so-and-so department to help you out”.

These oh-so-common responses from a lot of organisations are truly the bane of our lives; One merely wanted to find out if their office was still open at 5.30 p.m. We, as community managers are also very much guilty-as-charged. Due to our busy work operating schedules, we can only reply to our Facebook messenger enquiries not as frequently as we hoped it would be.

“With a Chatbot, enquiries that would have taken a working day or two to respond to are now answered instantly, on a 24/7 basis.”

The BOT:
BOT 71 is designed for simple, straight-to-the-point use. Today, many do not understand what exactly is BLOCK71 Singapore. Utilising a natural conversational flow, BOT 71 will allow a curious person to find out more about BLOCK71 Singapore such as what we do, our history, our various events, how to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and many more.

Enquiries, feedback and contacts are all incorporated into the Bot.
In the event where the Bot is unable to provide whatever is requested, the Bot will refer the user to a BLOCK71 Singapore community person. The user would simply type their enquiry just like how they would reply a friend on Messenger, and the Bot will do the job in bridging the gap between the user and the community person.

Instant, Convenient, Simple — The 3 goals of BOT 71.

Although BOT 71 is definitely not of Tony Stark’s JARVIS’s intelligence, BOT 71 is a pleasant addition to BLOCK71 Singapore’s Facebook page. We now strive to be able to respond to enquiries in a much more hasty and efficient manner.

Check out the chatbot here!

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