Having a blast at BLOCK71-GO!

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Neil Mehta of SurePark explains to visitors, listening with rapt attention, how the application works.

On 22 September, BLOCK71 Singapore opened its doors to the public and more than 200 visitors seized the chance to experience for themselves, the place where start-ups live, work and play. Titled BLOCK71-GO!, the event was held in conjunction with Walkabout SG, a city-wide open house for technology companies. For the uninitiated, BLOCK71 Singapore, a partnership by NUS Enterprise and Singtel Innov8, is an ecosystem builder and a global connector. It catalyses and aggregates start-up communities, providing opportunities for growth and access to new markets.

BLOCK71-GO! kicked off with breakfast, which was sponsored by IMDA (Info-communications Media Development Authority) and visitors mingled and chatted over cakes and coffee. There was a drone flying workshop in which drone pilot wannabes could try their hand at maneuvering a drone. Tutored by drone enthusiasts from NUS, there were exclamations of wonder and frustration as the newbies took the drones on their fledgling flights. To top it off, the “Game of Drones” (for drone masters only) was held at the nearby street soccer court and the spectators were mesmerised by the daring aerial acrobatics as the drones whizzed through an obstacle course. The winner walked off with an awesome prize and an even more awesome few seconds of fame!

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Pro drone racers deeply engrossed in piloting their drones through a first person’s view in a nail-biting race.

Brimming with enthusiasm, several BLOCK71 Singapore start-ups were stationed around the space, all ready to share their insights with listeners when the opportunity arose. Founders from Savioke, Wateroam, XYConnect and other start-ups imparted stories about their businesses and products to a curious audience. The passion as they spoke of their ideas, their challenges in running their companies and how they overcame them was palpable indeed.

For a flavor of BLOCK71-GO! in case you missed it, check out the photos at https://www.facebook.com/pg/BLOCK71Singapore/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1535705429805846

Thank you Red Dot Drones for the setting up the drone race and Eventnook for assisting with registration!


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