Insights from Kopi Chat: How Gen Z is redefining the future of content

On the 11 July 2018, Lisabel Ting, co-founder of SGEEK, and Gin Lee Oo, Founder of GLOO PR, came down to share their insights on content creation in the context of the growing presence of Generation Z on social media during our Kopi Chat session at BLOCK71 Singapore.

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  1. Use data analytics to find out what works.

Data analytics such as clicks and view count as well as demographics are incredibly useful in determining what content resonates with the target audience. It is also vital to make changes based on the data obtained to suit the preferences of the target audience.

2. Authenicity is important for Generation Z.

Generation Z greatly values authencity in content. Generation Z is now quick to pick up on tactics like guerilla marketing or sponsored posts. Thus, it is advisable to be straightforward and declare sponsored or paid posts to convey the image of authenticity.

3. Building credibility is important to distinguish your brand.

Due to the ease of access to the Internet, an oversaturation of content occurs as anyone is able to create their own content. As a result, it becomes necessary for content to stand out. Credibility is one way for brands to distinguish themselves from others and to attract earned media as opposed to paid media.

4. PR is about building long-term branding and relationships with the media.

The media may help out companies with branding and promotion, but their obligations lie with their readers. Building strong long-term relationships with the media will ensure that the brand is able to maintain earned media that is positive for the brand’s image.

5. Timing is key to producing viral content.

In the age of the Internet, content creation has become time sensitive. To create popular content, brands must time their news angles related to current affairs happening at the moment.

Watch the highlights from July’s Kopi Chat, featuring SGEEK’s Lisabel Ting with Gloo PR’s Gin Lee here!

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