Kopi Chat Da Bao: Cultivate Children’s Interest in Life Sciences through Play

Education isn’t the most conventional area for most entrepreneurs to focus on, but it is precisely what Dr Yasaman Nemat, a PHD in Biomedical Engineering, chose. In line with International Women’s Day, we hosted Dr Yasaman Nemat, CEO of 42Lab, for our March edition of Kopi Chat Da Bao. 42Lab is a Singapore and Hong Kong based Biotech education startup that provides high-quality and affordable science education for children through engaging experiment kits.

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Our host, BLOCK71 Community Manager Alvina Fu (left) with CEO of 42Lab, Dr Yasaman Nemat (right)

Traditional teaching approaches used to subscribe to a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy. Now, more educators come to realise that every student has a different learning style, and research has shown that hands-on learning is uniquely positioned to support or elevate any type of learner. From our insightful session with Dr Yasaman, we summed up five reasons why there is a need to shift towards kinesthetic learning:

  1. It boosts creativity — The world increasingly demands individuals that are able to produce creative solutions to existing problems. Therefore, creativity is an essential soft skill that kids require to excel in tomorrow’s workforce. By engaging in the learning process with their hands, children are training their creativity by attaining knowledge through exploration instead of simply memorising answers.

To learn more about 42Lab and check out their available experiments, visit https://42lab.io/. Follow BLOCK71Singapore on Facebook to catch our subsequent Kopi Chat Da Bao live!

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