NOC Pitches to Prospective Students at e-Open House

Some of the NOC staff who helped make the e-Open House a success

Held from 27 February to 6 March, the NUS e-Open House drew an impressive 6.8 million visitors to the event’s associated websites, livestreams, webinars and social media sessions.

NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) took the opportunity to showcase the “out-of-this-world” entrepreneurial experience it provides to students, spotlighting the more than 15 start-up hotspots around the world it is present in.

This year, NOC put together a microsite ( to feature the start-up internship experience in the different locations, and held three Facebook Live sessions on 4 March to allow the audience to engage with those that had embarked on the programme.

Sneak peek of the event website. Check it out at

Altogether, NOC reached out to an audience of 100,000, received over 5000 views for the three live sessions, and had over 4000 visitors to its event website.

The first Facebook Live session, “Ask NOC & Kahoot Giveaway,” was hosted by Gean Chu, NOC’s Head of Marketing and Student Selection. Final year students Austin Khong and Bao Linruo (Lynn) also joined to share their experiences on the NOC Silicon Valley programme, with the former providing accompanying video footage highlighting his life in the US. His verdict? NOC was “a journey of a lifetime” and “a dream come true.”

Viewers also had the opportunity to glimpse the support their own ventures could receive post-NOC, with a virtual tour of NUS’ on-campus incubator, THE HANGAR by NUS Enterprise, conducted by NOC alumni and Skilio co-founders Felix Tan and Ho Zhi Hui. A sneak peek of the expanded event and co-working space available at the newly renovated Level 2 was also shown, before Felix sat down with Siti Nurain Binte Abdul Hamid, NOC Alumni Engagement Manager, for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session.

The final session featured a panel of NOC alumni who have started their own companies, each of which are at different stages of growth. Speaking with NOC Alumni Community Manager Loh Weiren, Vishnu Saran of Invigilo Technologies, Kenneth Lou of Seedly, and Rayse Yeo of MatcHub discussed how NOC had shaped their views and mindsets on entrepreneurship. They also provided tips to their juniors who aspire to start their own companies and make an impact one day.

NOC alumni entrepreneurs joined NOC Alumni Community Manager Loh Weiren (upper left) to discuss their experiences with the programme.

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Check out the behind the scenes photos of the e-Open House on the NOC Facebook and Instagram.

NUS Enterprise nurtures entrepreneurial talents with global mindsets, while advancing innovation and entrepreneurship at Asia’s leading university.

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