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On the 25th of June, the National Library Board (NLB) invited BLOCK71 to an information sharing session on their programme, Read@Work. BLOCK71 is an ecosystem and global connector that serves to bring you the latest news in the tech space.

Here is a summary of the initiatives they are rolling out to cultivate a reading culture in the workplace.

Services Read@Work provides for their partners include a monthly Read@Work electronic direct mailer designed to encourage staff to read and learn. Read@Work also organises free reading-related programmes including a Corporate Storytelling Workshop and a Raising Readers talk. Another service Read@Work provides is reading recommendations from leaders under the Leaders as Reading Advocates programme where leaders are encouraged to recommend books to staff. Additionally, Read@Work also provides a digital business library curated on the latest business trends as well as having access to summarised 15 minute reads featuring key takeaways for those with less free time to read. To encourage membership, Read@Work appoints staff to be stationed in partner companies to help interested non-members sign up and to share how to fully utilise their membership.

The National Library also provides an array of services to its members such as the LyndaLibrary which grants its users unlimited free access to bite-sized expert videos for learning. Topics covered include business, creative design, technology and more.

Some course features include:

  • Learning history & playlists
  • Downloaded courses for offline viewing
  • Notes, transcripts & bookmarks
  • Exercise files and assessments
  • Certificates of Completion

Other digital resources offered by NLB include:

  • Up to 8 eBooks/Audiobooks via the NLB Mobile app
  • Unlimited access to local and international newspapers and magazines with PressReader
  • Access to databases including EBSCOHost, Proquest and Factiva

NLB membership is free for Singaporeans and a one time fee of $10.50 for Permanent Residents. For foreigners, a payment of $53.30 inclusive of a registration fee must be made for membership.

In addition to the above services, the NLB is also organising a Read for Books event from 14–29 July 2018 to donate books to beneficiaries from WondeRead, Autism Association (Singapore), Canossaville Children and Community Services (Canossaville) and The Business Times Budding Artists Fund. For every 10 people who read for 15 minutes, one book will be donated. The more you read, the more books will get donated! The National Library Board aims to raise 4,250 books in this event. Do your part and start reading now!

Read@Work is free of charge, and NLB welcomes any organisation to join. Interested parties may contact with “Read@Work” in the subject.

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