Repurposing food-waste to grow wonders

InnoGro® is the world’s first hydrating gel made from soybean waste. The gel swells as it absorbs and retains water, like in the photo on the right.
NuSoil’s founders have performed rigorous testing in various conditions to optimise plant growth and plants thrive with the use of InnoGro®.

“With the wide connections to the commercial sectors, we were exposed to arenas and contacts that would not be possible based on our field of research work,” Dr Tan points out.

At the start, the duo were also unsure of how to develop a pilot line for scaling up production. Their solution was first developed in a very small-scale research lab and they could not produce enough to meet the demand for a field test. “With the help from GRIP, we worked with Master Engineers from the NUS MVP Studio and a prototyping vendor to build a pilot system,” shares Dr Tan.

NuSoil pitching their solution during GRIP Run 1 Lift-Off Day.
Left: Dr Zhu Jingling and Dr Tan Wee Kee exhibiting NuSoil’s technology at InnovFest Suzhou 2019.
Right: Dr Tan (pictured right, purple mask) was introducing NuSoil’s technology to NUS President Professor Tan Eng Chye.

“We intend to build on InnoGro® and are actively engaging with potential customers leading to long-term relationships with like-minded partners. Our goal is not just to do a good job on the field trials to work towards commercialisation, but to expand its application and usage to new innovative products,” say NuSoil’s founders.

NuSoil’s co-founder, Dr Tan Wee Kee (pictured right, in purple mask) posing for a photo with NUS President Professor Tan Eng Chye, NUS Deputy President (Innovation & Enterprise) Professor Freddy Boey and NUS Enterprise Director Mr Brian Koh at the NUS Agritech Centre, NUS Enterprise’s newest innovation and incubation facility.



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