Snippets from InnovFest Unbound — Engaging millennials

Watch YouTube recordings from 2018’s Day 2 of InnovFest Unbound on some of the presentations and discussions on the future of marketing in Asia.

The Future of Messaging

Speaker: Stefanos Loukakos, Head of Messenger Business — Facebook


It has never been easier to create an organic and immersive ad experience for users. 80 percent of adults use messaging apps daily, and thus it is the easiest platform to advertise your business. Facebook has click to messenger ads which link users up with business chat bots when their ads are clicked. This ensures a complete experience for the customer and increases customer conversion.

Navigating Gen Z

Moderator: Dan Murphy, CNBC — Correspondent


  • Arvinder Gujral, Managing Director, Southeast Asia — Twitter
  • Dennis Khoo, Managing Director & Regional Head of Banking — UOB
  • Melissa Murray Bailey, Senior Director, Sales Solutions, Asia Pacific — LinkedIn
  • Rameez Ansar, CEO & Co-Founder — Circles.Life
  • Shaul Olmert, Co-Founder & CEO — Playbuzz


Gen Z are the first generation to have lived their entire life with the Internet. They are harder to engage initially but once you acquire them as consumers, they have much more brand loyalty. They become brand ambassadors for companies they believe in, which is an extremely valuable asset. This generation is the first one to have a common experience no matter where they live in the world, in terms of the media and experiences they are exposed to. The marketing experience is no longer a one way street, but rather a two way conversation between brands and consumers. Given how customers have so much information available at their fingertips, they are enabled to choose the direction of how they want to be engaged.

Selling to the Digital Native

Moderator: Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist — Salesforce


  • Cedric Dias, Head of Digital Marketing — OCBC Bank
  • King Quah, Co-Founder & Managing Director — SaltyCustoms
  • Parin Mehta, APAC Trips Operations Director — Airbnb
  • Shanru Lai, Co-Founder — ShopBack
  • Tim Kobe, Founder — Eight Inc.


The experience is becoming a greater portion of the product that brands are selling. The ultimate goal is to create a seamless engagement experience for the customer by minimising the pain points that they encounter while going through the purchasing process. Younger generations want to have a painless purchasing experience and if you are not able to provide that they will move on to a rival who can. It is a buyer’s market. Rather than companies pushing products to customers, the customers are the ones dictating what and how they want companies to sell to them.

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