Sustainable Fashion: Green is the New Black

How can entrepreneurs push fashion in a more sustainable direction?

The Kint Story celebrates the value and beauty in second-hand clothes. (Instagram: The Kint Story)

Most importantly, the clothing can save the equivalent of 26% of carbon emissions and over 3500 litres of water per outfit, as compared to traditional cotton apparel.

Man’s Best Friend(MBF) founders, Yale-NUS students Johann Wah (NOC Silicon Valley), Glen Ang, Hwy Kim, and Keith Wo
Man’s Best Friend has created apparel that is sweat-proof, stain-proof and waterproof.
Mycotech’s mushroom leather has been used in shoes, watches and wallets, among other applications.

Ultimately, both the fashion industry and consumers have a role to play.

Stoffa’s custom approach has been labelled “the future of fashion” by GQ.

Beauty Brands to Know

Nail Deck founder Daryl Chew
Nature Intended has five ready-to-launch products, including this Seaberry Timeless Potion.




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