Tips from Viddsee on expanding to Indonesia!

Viddsee, a Singapore-based online video entertainment platform specialising in the curation, production, distribution and marketing of short premium content, has been in the Indonesian market for about one and a half years. Its Indonesian office had already been in the country for a year when the opportunity to move to BLOCK71 Jakarta arose and currently, Viddsee is a BLOCK71 Jakarta resident.

BLOCK71 Singapore interviews Ho Jia Jian, a NUS Overseas Colleges Singapore alumnus and one of the co-founders of Viddsee, on his decision to take the business there and tips for fellow entrepreneurs!

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The founders of Viddsee, Mr Ho Jia Jian and Mr Derek Tan

1. Out of the various ASEAN countries, why did Viddsee choose to expand to Indonesia?

We decided to grow in Indonesia because of the potential that it has both from an audience and creative community front.

2. Why did Viddsee choose to have an office in BLOCK71 Jakarta?

As we started out our journey in BLOCK71 Singapore, we were thrilled when we were able to have a similar environment for the Indonesia office. Finding similar environments and community is always a factor when we choose a space to work in.

3. What does Viddsee like about the BLOCK71 Jakarta community?

Block71 Singapore served as a place where our early ideas were thrown around, initiated, pitched and executed. Starting out 4 years ago, with us 2 founders, the community served as the working and support environment which was essential in keeping each other sane in this pursuit of our dreams. Even to currently growing in Indonesia, we have the exact same starting support in BLOCK71 Jakarta.

4. How did Viddsee go about expanding to Indonesia? What was the process like?

We worked with local creative communities and partners who were supportive of the vision of what we were building towards empowering storytellers. It was though the communities, that we started to grow in Indonesia.

5. What were some challenges Viddsee encountered in expanding to Indonesia and how did Viddsee overcome them?

The initial challenges were around building trust with communities as having a trusted platform with filmmaker communities is key for us as we grow into a new country like Indonesia. Communicating and displaying the value and vision consistently over time helped us. Having the right partners and champions within communities also adds much value in building trust.

6. What is one piece of advice you would give start-ups planning to expand to Indonesia?

Openness, adaptability and having an open mindset to how things are done differently are key in adapting your product for the local market.

The story of Viddsee started when both co-founders were still students in the National University of Singapore. Find out how it all began.

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