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One of the challenges faced by start-ups in Singapore is the shortage of developers, which makes the journey from product prototype to launch more expensive and time consuming. This is why NUS GRIP has teamed up with BLOCK71 Yogyakarta to help NUS GRIP start-ups find and employ talented developers.

Home to some of the most reputable universities in Indonesia, Yogyakarta has a huge talent pool that start-ups can tap on. The start-ups will be assisted by local recruiters through the hiring process. When the right candidates are identified, the new employees will be hosted at the BLOCK71 Yogyakarta premises, where they will work remotely, supported by NUS staff running the premises and become a part of the BLOCK71 family.

So far, Vox Dei has been the first GRIP company to welcome a new Yogyakarta employee in March, and there are currently three other companies interviewing candidates for eight positions. We can surely expect to see GRIP companies to be well represented in Yogyakarta in the near future.


Launched in 2018, the National University of Singapore Graduate Research Innovation Programme (NUS GRIP) is the Industry Liaison Office’s flagship innovation programme. It provides step-by-step guidance to NUS postgraduate students and researchers to cultivate deep tech entrepreneurs, to transform the university’s world-class research into their own deep tech start-ups.

Teams will undergo a one-year journey to be equipped with entrepreneurial skills and experience through workshops, mentorships, industry linkages and incubation support, to develop commercially viable and investible deep tech start-ups, generating a pipeline of up to 250 teams in five years. NUS will invest up to S$100,000 in start-ups demonstrating high commercial potential to accelerate their growth.

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BLOCK71 is an initiative by NUS Enterprise in collaborative and strategic partnerships with established corporates and government agencies. It forms part of a global network of innovation and entrepreneurial gateways to and from NUS, through providing programmes as a technology ecosystem builder and business connector with an objective to catalyse, aggregate and develop competencies of the start-up community.

In every instance and location, BLOCK71 embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, collaboration and partnership by optimising the unique experience of each entity, the research capabilities and technologies of the university, and the investment and business acumen of the partners, to support entrepreneurial journeys within the local geography and beyond.

Today, BLOCK71 is present in 8 locations and 5 countries around the world: Singapore, San Francisco in the United States, Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta in Indonesia, two locations in Suzhou, China and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

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NUS Enterprise nurtures entrepreneurial talents with global mindsets, while advancing innovation and entrepreneurship at Asia’s leading university.

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